Donald Trump is Already At War

Thai Shares US Presidential Election App

Five or six years ago I was out surfing with a friend of mine who works as a coder. It was a lovely clear day and we had a good chat as we floated on our surfboards behind the break.

The essence of most of our conversation was plagiarized from Chomsky. We rabbited on about the tail wagging the dog and the obscene amounts of money spent by political parties to create the illusions necessary to win an election.

My friend splashed some water at me, smiled mischievously, and said,

“Why don’t we make an Election App? Anyone who wants to vote in an election can download it. Candidates can stream their statements of policy direct to the voters. And casting your vote would be as simple as clicking a button.”

Although I do not live in America, I have watched their recent presidential election very closely. As an expat living in South East Asia, I am justifiably concerned about the growing tensions between the US and China over North Korea, the Spratly Islands and Taiwan.

From where I was sitting (in my house in the jungle streaming world news via the internet), it seemed rather clear that the mainstream media had declared war on Trump and were doing everything in their power to demonize him. I actually think that the relentlessness of their attack on Donald was what won him the election. Although the average American does not have a degree in political science, he or she is well aware of what high pressure sales tactics look like.

Who among us really knows Donald Trump? I certainly don’t. I have never met his family, worked with him, had a quiet chat with him over a cup of coffee, or played a round of golf with him. The only thing that I do know is that he has been elected President because of the various mechanisms that comprise America’s current system of democracy.

Because President Trump won the election, I am prepared to cut him a little slack, after all, he now has a planet to run, and that is a difficult job at best. Post election however, I see little evidence of the mainstream media giving him a chance to hunker down and show us what he can, or can not, do. What I am seeing, is the mainstream media digging in and committing even more resources to their war.

It would seem reasonable to argue that the mainstream media view America’s new President as their mortal enemy not because of his political agenda, but because he is a harbinger of change. Whenever possible, President Trump unashamedly bypasses the mainstream media altogether in favor of using Twitter, his Election App™ of choice. His actions adumbrate a future picture of the American democratic landscape. And at the center of that picture is social media, not the MSM.

4 thoughts on “Donald Trump is Already At War”

  1. A good article that highlights a very important question. Are the MSM out to get Trump just so they can keep their snouts in the ad revenue trough that gets filled with election campaign money?

  2. Yeah…why is the MSM so hung up on Trump’s policies? Isn’t the MSM supposed to be APOLITICAL and just report the facts. Very good point, who even needs the MSM if elections were held via an app.

  3. The war waged by the mainstream media on Donald Trump will get uglier still. Because for the MSM, this war is not about sovereignty, morality, or religion. This war is about survival.

  4. I see an online article today talking about a poll recent done by Emerson College.

    The finding was that more people in America now believe Trump rather than the MSM.

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