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360% Profit in 4 Months Trading a Warrant

People often ask me if you can make decent money trading on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). The short answer is yes. In this article I will discuss how it was possible to make more than 360% profit in less than 4 months trading a Thai call warrant. What is a Thai Call Warrant? ... Read More

Thai Stock Market Closes For Lunch

The Stock Exchange of Thailand is different from Western markets in many ways. One notable difference is that the SET closes for lunch. If you want to trade on the SET, it is important that you are aware of this characteristic, and the challenges and opportunities that it creates. It's no secret that Thais love ... Read More

Thai ETFs: Fully Replicated or Optimized?

An exchange traded fund (ETF) is a pooled investment vehicle that holds a basket of securities with the goal of tracking an index or asset class.  Although I published it only a couple of weeks ago, my guide to ETFs in Thailand has already received a good deal of attention. One reader emailed me to ... Read More

How to Short Sell the Thai Stock Market

Investors are often perplexed when it comes to the strategy of short selling.  But it is not complex or difficult.  Short selling is simply taking action to capitalize on falling market prices. A couple of months ago I wrote a long and detailed articled called How to Short Sell Thai Shares.  I reviewed two different ... Read More

Day Trade Thai Shares and Pay No Tax

Last week I posted a detailed new article called Trade Thai Shares Not American Penny Stocks. If you are currently trading on U.S. markets, or plan to in the future, you should read it. A kind member of the Thai Shares community pointed out that I omitted to mention anything about taxation.  So, to make ... Read More

How to Use Trailing Stops in Thailand

If you are day trading on the Thai market, and buy a share or warrant, the value of that security should start to increase immediately. If it doesn't, then the best case scenario is that you were early, and the worst case is that you are wrong. To maintain success as a trader it is ... Read More

Donald Trump is Already At War

Five or six years ago I was out surfing with a friend of mine who works as a coder. It was a lovely clear day and we had a good chat as we floated on our surfboards behind the break. The essence of most of our conversation was plagiarized from Chomsky. We rabbited on ... Read More

How to Value Thai Call and Put Warrants

Warrants are a special type of security listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) that enable you to create a long or short position on an underlying Thai share.  Before you commence trading a Thai warrant it is important that you first assess its true value.  You then have a reference point upon which ... Read More

Thai ETFs - A Guide to Exchange Traded Funds in Thailand

An exchange traded fund (ETF) is a pooled investment vehicle that holds a basket of securities and tracks an index or asset class.  The shares in an ETF are traded in real time on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) in the same manner as other listed securities. An ETF is first created, and then ... Read More

Trade Thai Shares Not American Penny Stocks

The purpose of this article is to explain to you in simple terms why you are much better off trading Thai shares and not American penny stocks. Some of the highest earning websites across all of the internet today make their money from hyping the potential profits that can be made on penny stocks, and ... Read More