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Hey Az

Very sad news.  I have decided not to go to Bali.  I am still crying in my cup of BOH tea.  Amazing deals on the tickets at the moment.  Could have flown via KL for just over 2,000 THB.

I decided not to go because I promised myself that I should not be so lazy and get some work.  If I went to Bali I would just be procrastinating more.

I am not sure how MSW calculates its star ratings.  Doesn’t matter anyway because they are never accurate here at my breaks anyway.  But from experience I know that we usually get two of three good days of ground swell in November early December when the reef works well.  But today is a flat as a tack.  Sun is finally out though.

The airport reef in Nai Yang Phuket also works well in November with offshore breeze.  That is a good SUP wave also.

Say hi to everyone down there.