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Hi Surfalots,

No problem. Maybe next time. I’m planning to go to Lombok next year. Never been there before.

I also planning for short surf trip to Samila beach, Songkhla. Usually there is no strong wind on December. So we able to have clean 1 meter wave. Because Samila really expose to strong wind during monsoon. But need to check the report first. If the condition is not good, i’m planning to go to Batu Buruk, Terengganu. Right now the break already pick up some longboard wave.

Last Sunday, there’s a wave break at our local break. Me together with Lee, we head up to the beach. Average 0.6 meter wave. But I rode 2 wave with 1 meter size & long clean wall. Then I caught 2 wave with prone paddling. I think those exercise that I practice at home works well. I can feel my arms not easily get hurt & tired now.

I think last week is the end for our surf season. The report also show flat now.

Hi Stop Loss,

Penginapan is Indo language for accommodation. We also use the same word for Malay language.