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Hi Surfalots,

The long ride was shot from Club Med. No one around only me & Lee. It take us 20 min to paddle from Cherating to there. No surfer, kook & surf lesson group over there. Really heaven.

Cherating wave quality almost same like Club Med. Easy to access. The problem is too crowded. Its impossible to take a long ride. At the break point there will be 10 and up surfers. Too pack to line up. And halfway of the ride, you need to deal with surf class. Usually it will be like 20 and up people. Cherating is the 2nd closest beach from KL. And I’m surprise that surfing is one of the team building activities.

I’m a big fan of Jack. Never had a chance to meet him. I started surfing with his song. So a lots of my surf memories in Jack’s song. I think he’s cool. He surf & done a lots of environment activities. I like his music style.