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I think that here in Thailand you are fine going with a larger brokerage house.

Back in the day (and back in the West), an independent broker was good if you enjoyed face to face interaction and good customer service.  But here in Thailand, the brokers that are attached to the larger institutions (especially the ones that speak English and deal with foreign investors) still offer a very high level of personal service.

I appreciate that if you are an older person there may be some reticence to learn how to use an online trading platform, that is, you may be used to placing orders over the phone, but the systems offered here in Thailand have very simple interfaces and the features are easy and intuitive to use.

I pay just 0.0015 percent of the value of a trade in brokerage fees when using my online trading platform.  Yet despite this my Thai broker:

  • Is available for face to face discussion at most times during the day if I want to visit her office.
  • Answers all of my emails promptly and accurately
  • Provides me with requested information (sometimes on rather obscure topics) swiftly and with follow ups if required
  • Lets me trade on the computers that are located in her office if I happen to be in town and want to pop in and watch the market or place a trade.  Or get a free coffee or ice water 🙂
  • Has taken me to dinner and lunch at 5 star hotels on numerous occasions
  • Gives me small gifts for my birthday and new year
  • Speaks and writes English at an acceptable level

In light of customer service such as this, and the significant commercial presence (and thus, one would hope, stability) of her institution, I see little reason to use an independent broker.