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Yep.  It is the first time I have seen a prediction of more than 1m in January.

I went down to look at it this afternoon.  Beautiful and glassy with light offshore breeze.  Still pretty flat, but some bigger sets are starting to arrive.

I am excited.

If we get 2 meter swell with offshore wind the reef will be cranking.  And if it really is over 2 meters it will break right out on the outside bank and then run in along the side of the reef.  2 or 3 minute ride at least.  Only ever had it like that once before.  But it wasn’t in January.

If you look up to the right of your computer screen, you will see that this website has a Links button in the menu.  If you click on that, and then scroll in the drop down onto weather, and then click on Live Data, you will be taken to the cool Windytv website.  You can select live wave forecasts as one of the viewing options.

You can see the storm building up in real time.