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I am on the verge of giving up and dealing through Singapore, where I have managed to get an account opened up inside of two weeks with incredibly competent staff. My contact person there speaks perfect English, and usualy responds to emails and Whatsapp inside of minutes.

A short history of my dealings with Bangkok bank so far.

  1. Made contact and started the ball rolling through my internet banking.
  2. received email and a wad of documents that I signed and sent off on the same day.
  3. about two weeks later (note they have a service aim of five days) bank employee responded to my email asking what was happening and said that the very day after he sent sent me the documents BBL had issued an updated set and I would have to complete them and send the new set. Why did he not contact me first?
  4. did that, again leaving it a couple of weeks before contacting them via webchat the next person I spoke with said that I would have to give two more pieces of information (previous employment and phone number of next of kin). Why did he not contact me before?Inspite of asking via webchat for an email with the request, the bank employee decided to telephone me. He was trying to communicate in an incomprehensible schoolboy English and I did not have a clue what he was on about. He finally understood that I wanted an email.
  5. I emailed him the information and waited another ten days. Another webchat and I was told that incompetent the bank would contact me the same day. Three days later he finally did so and said that he was going to sent the application to the next level.
  6. Another few days go past, another webchat, and today I get an email saying that my signature on some of the pages of the document did not match the signature in my passport, so I have to resubmit the whole lot for the third time.
  7. He has offered to send a messenger to pick up the documents. Maybe they have a messenger service in southern Thailand, or more likely he does not realise I live in Krabi and thinks I live in Bangkok.
  8. I have just emailed him and told him to send a messenger with all the documents that need to be signed.

This does not look particularly good.

And the problem is that if this is the service level to be expected I am simply not interested. Life is way too short.

I see the SCB also have online dealing. Any experience?