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Hi Surfalots

I didn’t notice your message. So you found my IG. As I told you, I started as a skater and now fall deep into surfing. My best achievement during skateboarding is on 2000 Asian X-games qualifier. I placed 21th out of 300 competitors including Aussie (they damn good, they not supposed to compete in asia).

I am very busy nowadays. We will have plant shutdown this coming April. A lots of paperwork to prepare & tool preparation. I even work on weekends now. Lucky for me that it is flat now.  Or else I cannot focus on my work. Lee is not involve in this activity so he will be on long leave.

I suggest you to travel instead of sitting, waiting, wishing or take any unnecessary medicine. Come to Penang. You can stay at my house. I still have 1 room available for you.