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Hey Lee

Thanks for joining in the discussion.  I know you have been lurking in the forum for a while now.

There is a small blip of ground swell due to hit here tomorrow. Should get some waist high waves at the reef.  I hope….

I just got back from a couple of days down in Phuket.  Visited a shaper friend of mine down there.  His business is going well.

How is your daughter enjoying university?

I have a new guitar and just started to learn.  My fingers hurt… 🙂

I hear you have some time off at the moment with the renovations at your factory.  You should spend some time with your dad.


I don’t need you to tow me out.  I can paddle myself.  You remember it was you who was falling behind when we paddled back in from the reef.  Not me… 🙂

Talk Soon.