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Hi Surfsalot,

Is the reef breaks working today? If it is, you probably still in the water right now..drinking as much as a lost man in the desert would do soon as he found a well..!

My daughter is happy. I don’t know is she enjoying study or chilling with her new friends..! She’ll be on 2 months semester break starting this coming Saturday before pursuing for her  second year.

It’s cool you’re learning to strum a guitar. Looking forward to jam to “Seven Bridges Road” along with you in my next visit..🎸🎼🎤🎶

Yes buddy..I should spend more times with my dad then. He’s my all time hero..! Thanks for remind me.

Anyway I’m proud to see Azlan’s progress in SUP surfing because I know how we start from a humble beginning. After all I’m the one who are falling behind..! Anyway, thank you for being our mentor, Surfsalot.

Hang Loose