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Hi Surfsalot,

Is the reef breaks working today? If it is, you probably still in the water right now..drinking as much as a lost man in the desert would do soon as he found a well..!

My daughter is happy. I don’t know is she enjoying study or chilling with her new friends..! She’ll be on 2 months semester break starting this coming Saturday before pursuing for her  second year.

It’s cool you’re learning to strum a guitar. Looking forward to jam to “Seven Bridges Road” along with you in my next visit..????

Yes buddy..I should spend more times with my dad then. He’s my all time hero..! Thanks for remind me.

Anyway I’m proud to see Azlan’s progress in SUP surfing because I know how we start from a humble beginning. After all I’m the one who are falling behind..! Anyway, thank you for being our mentor, Surfsalot.

Hang Loose