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Hey Az

This last week the wind has been coming from the south and very short period on the swell.  Sub 6 seconds.  Yesterday a break in the weather and the period opened up to around 9 seconds.  I surfed the backside of the reef (by myself) and got some great waves.  This morning I awoke to heavy rain so I have not checked the surf out yet.

The wet season has definitely arrived.  When are you guys coming up on a road trip?

There are a lot more SUPs in the water here this year because of the new factory that has opened up.  And most of them can’t ride and so they are a danger to themselves and everyone else.  However, because the mouth of the river has changed I have been surfing mostly over in front of the resort away from the kooks.

I hope you and your families are well and I hope you and Lee get a good session in soon.