Do It Yourself Loy Krathong

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    Algo Girl
    Algo Girl
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    I like the Loy Krathong festival.  What I like most is how each Thai person sends his or her own wishes with the krathong as they float it out onto the water.

    For example, you will get some young couples who look at it as a kind of a Valentines day thing.  Older people will do it as an activity with their kids.  Some float their krathong out with thoughts for a lost loved one.  Others wish for luck and prosperity.

    Looked at in simple terms, a krathong is the embodiment of hope.  And setting it upon the water is an affirmation of that hope.

    I have been making my own krathongs now for several years.  I used to use a slice of banana tree trunk and leaves and flowers.  My results were much like the Krathongs in this photo that were made, yesterday, by a Thai friend.

    Thai Shares Loy Krathong Natural

    It is important when making a krathong to use bio-degradable materials.  Foam, plastics, and other non-degradable materials should be avoided because they remain in the water-ways as long term pollution.

    I like to bake my own bread.  And in the last few years I have started making my own krathongs by baking them.  Easy to do and the fish at my local loy krathong launch site are very grateful.

    The life span of the krathong I floated out last night was very short lived.  It was smashed by a rather large and hungry Pla doog (catfish).

    Loy Krathong is a fun Thai festival.  You can add to the fun by making your own krathong.  My suggestion is to bake one.

    Thai Shares Loy Krathong Baked

    Dead Cat Bounce
    Dead Cat Bounce
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    Hey IG

    Great photos and suggestion.  But I am afraid that I would eat the krathong as soon as it came out of the oven.   I love fresh baked bread 😀

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    Algo Girl

    Do you make stuff for Valentines Day?

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