Good Thai Household Products

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    I read a few years back that one of Warren Buffets strategies is that he invests in products that are good made by companies with good management.  He also likes companies that started out as family concerns because of the investment that family members have in good management and the resulting success of the company.

    Any way with that in mind, I though this topic could serve two purposes.  The first is that it could identify could products and hopefully we can do some online investigation where these products come from (what company).  And if they are listed on the set then continue our analysis on from there.

    The second is that this topic can just serve as a go to for people other expats like myself who just want to know about good groceries they can buy when they go shopping.

    My first product is called Mister Save.  I know, I will probably die of cancer, but I like to drink coffee creamer in my tea and coffee.  I just can’t stomach Thai bottled milk.  It all just tasted like it has been UHTed to death.  Coffee Mate and other brand name creamers are very expensive.  But I found Mister Save that come in a large 1kg bag.  It tastes better, (and works great as a substitute in pancakes and the like) and is a fraction of the price of the brand name creamers.  It is mostly hydrogenated palm oil with a sprinkle of real milk powder (but so too is Coffee Mate and tinned carnation condensed milk here in Thailand).

    Anyway here is a photo:

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    Great idea for a topic AG.  Learn about good stuff we can buy as expats, and also maybe track down some small cap investment opportunities.

    Two examples of Warren Buffet’s “buy companies that make products you like” strategy are See’s Candies and H.H. Brown Shoe Group.  Berkshire Hathaway has made a fortune on both.

    However, no gold star for you for Mister Save.  The manufacturer, Korn Thai Co., is located at Ratchaburi, and they are quiet a small operation so probably not listed on the SET.  However, their website has very good English so good chance that there is a farang in the background somewhere with a finger on quality control.  Their website here if you want to continue on with your research:

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