My Thai Broker's Daily Share Picks.

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    The purpose of this forum topic is to provide a ongoing record of the daily buy and sell recommendations from my Thai broker.

    I will try to post the recommendations each morning as time permits.

    Mon 6 Feb 2017

    What’s in store?
    – BANPU (BUY/Target Price Bt23.00): Best quarter of 2016 is here
    – AP (BUY/Target Price Bt9.00): JV condos pay off as promised
    – ROBINS (BUY/Target Price Bt72.00): Fatter margin spurring growth
    – ADVANC (HOLD/Target Price Bt157.00): Reduced dividend payout to a minimum 70%

    News Highlights
    (+) KTB – KTB targets higher loan coverage ratio
    (+) SIRI – Sansiri plans aggressive marketing push abroad
    (+) Property – Condos in Bangkok’s fringe areas highlighted for price-rise potential
    (0) ADVANC – AIS offers network code to MCOT in pay-TV trial
    (+) TelCo – CAT in Korean partnership
    (+) Tourism – Ecotourism gives impetus to tourism

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    Tue 7 Feb 2017

    Today we’re selective “BUY” SCB (support 153 /resistance 160) PTT (support 410 /resistance 430) KKP (support 58 /resistance 63).

    What’s in store?
    – EGCO (BUY/Target Price Bt230.00): Soft quarter surpassed…growth mode to find redemption in 1Q17
    – Chemical (NEUTRAL): Prices and spreads strengthened further
    – Flow Tracker: Fund directions recently seemed inconsistency

    News Highlights
    (0) SCC – SCG unit sees project-led sales growth.
    (0) ADVANC – AIS prepares for industry disruption.
    (0) Economy – New income tax structure comes into effect.
    (-) Food – The rise of unregulated livestock production prompts health concerns in regions.


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    Wed 8 Feb 2017

    What’s in store?
    – AAV (BUY/Target Price Bt8.40): Crackdown priced in—earnings prepped for take-off
    – MINT (BUY/Target Price Bt42.00): Strong 2017 to follow weak 4Q16
    – SVI (BUY/Target Price Bt6.70): Bright moon glows among the pines
    – KCE (BUY/Target Price Bt120.50): Can one extinguish the sun with a bucket of water?
    – INTUCH (BUY/Target Price Bt64.00): 4Q16 disappoints, 2017 entices
    – Model Portfolio: Rotation to fruits of and on the land

    News Highlights
    (0) Bank – PromptPay picks up among consumers
    (+) TRUE – True Corp plans to relaunch IPTV service after AIS grabs HBO channels
    (0) ADVANC – AIS links with Microsoft for cloud deal
    (+) KBANK – KBank more cautious on non-rated debt instruments
    (0) TelCo – TOT to pick partner for 4G on 2.3GHz spectrum
    (+) ICT – Pichet urges national broadband network

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    Fri 10 Feb 2017

    What’s in store?
    – M (SELL/Target Price Bt60.00): High five for selling into strength
    – BR (BUY/Target Price Bt8.00): ‘Tchick, tchick!’, finally, it breaks open
    – MTLS (BUY/Target Price Bt37.00): Earnings elevated
    – LPN (TRADING BUY/Target Price Bt14.60): Bland 4Q16, strong outlook, high yield
    – GPSC (HOLD/Target Price Bt37.00): Results 4Q16 as projected; 1Q17 is viewed to be softer year on year
    – Refining & Petrochemical (NEUTRAL): Better come later!

    News Highlights
    (0) GUNKUL – Gunkul holds off project on disputed land
    (0) Economy – FMCG sales growth sinks in 2016
    (0) Economy – Thailand’s ageing society expected to affect supplements market
    (+) Property – Developers sharpen focus on Thonglor to meet demand for luxury projects
    (+) Property – Chinese investors help fuel demand for housing sector in tourist areas
    (+) Property – Tight supply could drive Bangkok office rents 5-9% higher this year, says CBRE
    (+) Bank – Bank loans expected to bounce back
    (-) Financial – Growth in credit at seven-year low in 2016

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    Mon 20 Feb 2017

    What’s in store?
    – BCP (BUY/Target Price Bt41.00): Fourth-quarter profit missed estimate; growth to regain momentum in 1Q17
    – IVL (BUY/Target Price Bt43.00): Street-beating 4Q16 profit; high season to drive 1Q17 growth
    – CENTEL (HOLD/Target Price Bt40.00): Backing away pending recovery, M&A
    – KTC (BUY/Target Price Bt167.00): Emphasis on quality clients
    – SAT (BUY/Target Price Bt16.90): Profit for fourth quarter in line
    – TVO (HOLD/Target Price Bt36.00): Back to normal in 2017

    News Highlights
    (+) PTTEP – progresses with innovative R&D
    (+) LOXLEY – Loxley, TIH team up to tap tech startups
    (0) KBANK – Despite NPLs, KBank likes SMEs
    (0) LLC – Budget carriers’ passenger traffic continues to soar
    (+) Tourism – Tourism to continue growth spurt in 2017
    (0) Bank – Major leaders are doing more than offering debt restructuring solutions to SMEs
    (-) Property – Developers report lower earnings in 2016 as demand wanes

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    Tue 21 Feb 2017

    What’s in store?
    – Chemical (NEUTRAL): Various price and spread movements
    – MAJOR (BUY/Target Price Bt35.00): Messrs. Hurt & Logan to break through the ribbon in 1Q17
    – BLA (BUY/Target Price Bt65.00): Recovery mode further in 4Q16…
    – MINT (BUY/Target Price Bt42.00): 4Q16 results below estimates, but strong recovery forecast for 1Q17
    – ANAN (BUY/Target Price Bt6.20): Strong 4Q16 profit as expected, DPS slightly above forecast
    – EGCO (BUY/Target Price Bt230.00): Core 4Q16 exceeds street’s estimate—eye growth mode redeem in 1Q17
    – Flow Tracker: Foreign funds have outstanding inflows to Taiwan last week

    News Highlights
    (+) Economy – Export growth goal revised up to 5% on key supports
    (0) Economy – App to firm up GHB’s shift to digital banking
    (0) TRUE – TrueVisions to increase payout after pulling HBO channels
    (-) ADVANC – AIS cuts dividend payment
    (-) MCOT – 3 NBTC commissioners oppose payment to MCOT

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    Fri 24 Feb 2017

    What’s in store?
    – GFPT (BUY/Target Price Bt18.50): Expanding export growth prospects
    – SAMART (HOLD/Target Price Bt17.00): SAMTEL rebounding, SIM dragging
    – CBG (SELL/Target Price Bt58.25): Moving to a riskier model
    – BA (BUY/Target Price Bt25.00): High-altitude surprise on dividend despite economy-class outcome
    – AAV (BUY/Target Price Bt8.40): Fourth-quarter core profit outflew our estimate; 1Q17 to fly even higher
    – AP (BUY/Target Price Bt9.00): All-time high 4Q16 core profit and good DPS as expected
    – BANPU (BUY/Target Price Bt23.00): Fourth-quarter numbers outperform, momentum eyed to stay on the boil
    – BPP (BUY/Target Price Bt28.00): Brilliant fourth quarter—solar projects to brighten first-quarter outlook
    – IRPC (BUY/Target Price Bt6.00): Full-fledged resumption poised to a turn in price
    – BLA (BUY/Target Price Bt65.00): 4Q16 result slightly over from bigger reverse on LAT

    News Highlights
    (+) ERW – Erawan allots B2.2bn for 9 hotels this year.
    (+) Property – Property developers expect pickup on infrastructure.
    (+) EPG – EPG allots B500m for growth plan.
    (+) SIRI – Sansiri taps into Chiang Mai
    (+) SC – SC Asset aims for B20bn
    (0) Finance – BOT embraces big data, analytics for micro-financial activities

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    Mon 27 Feb 2017

    What’s in store?
    – BJC (HOLD/Target Price Bt48.00): Step aside for the moment
    – M (SELL/Target Price Bt60.00): Fourth-quarter outcome on par; faded outlook for first-quarter this year
    – SVI (BUY/Target Price Bt6.70): Core profit for 4Q16 outshined model
    – RPH (BUY/Target Price Bt5.60): Forever classic
    – CPALL (BUY/Target Price Bt73.50): Last man standing
    – BLA (BUY/Target Price Bt65.00): High-margin products mean lower provisions, and room for upside
    – TK (SELL/Target Price Bt11.00): 4Q16 result below on bigger tax rate
    – BEC (SELL/Target Price Bt16.00): Still no signs of a recovery
    – BRR (BUY/Target Price Bt17.00): Missed 4Q16 results

    News Highlights
    (0) KBANK – KBANK eyes real estate advisory
    (+) LHBANK – LH Bank joins the mortgage war with new loan deals
    (+) SPALI – Supalai gains in provinces
    (0) BA – Samui operator eyes new airports
    (+) Economy – Corporate investment tipped to rise in 2017

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    Tue 28 Feb 2017

    What’s in store?
    – CHG (BUY/Target Price Bt3.30): Short of 4Q16 estimate, but quick recovery forecast
    – QH (HOLD/Target Price Bt2.90): 4Q16 result disappointing, 1Q17 outlook unexciting
    – BEAUTY (BUY/Target Price Bt12.00): 4Q16 profit below estimate, but price correction prompts re-rating
    – Chemical (NEUTRAL): Price, spread directions a mixed bag
    – CPF (BUY/Target Price Bt41.00): Chicken and shrimp exports—the 2017 growth engines
    – Flow Tracker: Foreign funds continued to ignore TIP market last week

    News Highlights
    (+) SCB – SCB partnership unit aims to support digital demand
    (+) AP – ploughs ahead in low-rise market
    (+) CENTEL – Centel Q4 earnings up 44%
    (+) TICON – Ticon rakes in revenue from rising rentals
    (0) BANPU – Banpu allots $210m for capex
    (0) EGCO – Egco earmarks B30bn budget for investment
    (0) SYNEX – Synnex into debt collection
    (+) TICON – Ticon rakes in revenue from rising rentals
    (0) Economy – Incentives to push R&D development in key areas

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    Wed 1 March 2017

    What’s in store?
    – PCSGH (HOLD/Target Price Bt5.30): Wider margin spells better outcome
    – CENTEL (HOLD/Target Price Bt40.00): Positive surprise in 4Q16, but wait for clearer signs of exciting growth
    – LH (HOLD/Target Price Bt10.40): No surprise to the street, but some disappointments for us
    – SIRI (TRADING BUY/Target Price Bt2.10): 2nd-highest quarterly core profit ever in 4Q16
    – CPN (HOLD/Target Price Bt65.00): 4Q16 profit as expected, stay on the sidelines for now
    – BH (BUY/Target Price Bt250.00): 4Q16 result (good YoY growth) was in line with all estimates
    – RJH (BUY/Target Price Bt33.00): Fourth-quarter upshot in line; arms open wide for 1Q17 high season
    – AH (BUY/Target Price Bt18.00): Fourth quarter exceeds all appraisals
    – TVO (SELL/Target Price Bt33.00): Earnings downtrend signaled in 4Q16

    News Highlights
    (+) MINT – Minor Hotel launches Oaks Bodhgaya
    (+) CENTEL – CENTEL posts 43.5% rise in profit for quarter despite challenges
    (+) GL – Group Lease hangs out shingle in Cyprus launch
    (0) Economy – Rollback for rice auctions
    (0) Economy – Export forecasts unchanged
    (+) Economy – BOI’s Incentives in the EEC
    (+) Economy – Hot-money inflow into bonds piques BoT curiosity

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    2 March 2017

    What’s in store?
    – EGCO (BUY/Target Price Bt230.00): An All-time high earnings in 2017 for the Utilities star
    – BDMS (HOLD/Target Price Bt22.00): 4Q16 results in line; capital increase approved for flexibility

    News Highlights
    (0) Finance – US stocks surge to new records; Dow above 21,000 points
    (0) SCB – SCB and Digital Ventures host ‘Faster Future SCB FinTech Forum’
    (0) CPN – Central Group upgrading to digital focus
    (+) SET – SET urged to entice 10 key industries
    (+) CK – CK hits B2bn profit target, aims higher for 2017

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    3 Mar 2017

    What’s in store?
    – SIRI (TRADING BUY/Target Price Bt2.10): Key takeaways from analyst meeting
    – M (SELL/Target Price Bt60.00): Key takeaway from analyst meeting
    – CENTEL (HOLD/Target Price Bt40.00): Key takeaways from analyst meeting

    News Highlights
    (+) ITD – Italthai focuses overseas to reap revenue
    (-) PTTEP – PTTEP warns of plunge in sales
    (0) DTAC – DTAC Accelerate opens Batch 5 for applications from start-ups
    (0) Consumer – Five firms to make 48 low-cost consumer items
    (0) Commerce – Commerce OK with using Article 44 to speed up patent approvals
    (+) Economy – Exports under FTAs worth more than $52 bn last year

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    Mon 6 Mar 2017

    – HMPRO (BUY/Target Price Bt13.10): Sustained earnings growth momentum
    – PCSGH (BUY/Target Price Bt6.10): Back on track in FY17
    – SAMTEL (BUY/Target Price Bt15.00): Greater government project tenders


    (+) KBANK – KBANK plans upgrade to strengthen regional roles
    (0) CP Group – CP Group gets proactive in shaping its next generation of astute leaders
    (0) Property – Top 10 listed property companies see their combined sales revenue take a dip in 2016
    (0) Property – Self-built homes choice in provinces
    (+) Energy – Cleaner coal: Hope for Krabi?
    (0) Economy – 2017 Rice Export target set at 10 million tonnes
    (0) Economy – Bid to boost Myanmar shrimp trade begins

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    Tue 7 Mar 2017


    – PTTGC (BUY/Target Price Bt89.00)


    (0) CPN – Central adopts Line to hasten 4.0 drive
    (+) Transportation – Aviation reform plan gets nod
    (0) Energy – Licence laws close to passing
    (0) Economy – Single window to clear trade by next year
    (0) Economy – 40% of SMEs joined formal tax system
    (0) Economy – Productivity grows, but unemployment reaches 1%

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    Fri 10 March 2017


    – SAMART (HOLD/Target Price Bt17.00): Still dragged by SIM in 2017
    – ROBINS (BUY/Target Price Bt72.00): Constructive strategies supporting growth
    – WORK (HOLD/Target Price Bt50.50): Awaiting prime time for re-entry


    (+) SPCG – SPCG sees hot earner in solar rooftops
    (0) Property – TCC Land to splash B40bn on trade hubs
    (+) WORK – Workpoint TV surges in ratings
    (+) MINT – Minor sees M&A as best fit for fashion sales goal
    (0) Finance – Exim Thailand to boost role in Myanmar through local presence

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