Guide to Thai Shares Resource Links

The other day I was in our live chat room talking with a member of the Thai Shares community who has been with us almost from the start. I was surprised to learn that he was unaware of an online resource that is available via our Links tab (located on the top right of your screen). In the wake of that discovery, I wrote this brief article to ensure that new and existing members are provided with a simple overview of the available resources and tools.

The following index is set out in the same order as the Links tab drop-down menu:


  • Market Data: Stock Exchange of Thailand home page
  • XD Dates: SET dividend calendar
  • SET News: SET daily announcements
  • Insiders: Online record of insider buy and sells on the SET


  • Bualuang: Information for Bualuang put and call warrants
  • KGI: Information for KGI put and call warrants
  • KTZIMCO: Information for KTZIMCO put and call warrants
  • Macquarie: Information for Macquarie put and call warrants


  • BOT: Bank of Thailand home page
  • XE: Online currency convertor tool


  • List of Banks: A list of links to all of the commercial and retail banks in Thailand
  • Foreclosures: A list of links to all foreclosed properties offered for sale online by Thai banks


  • Kitco: All metals live spot prices and graphs
  • Gold: Live spot prices and graphs (bullion 99.9%)
  • Thai Gold: Live spot prices and graphs (Thai gold 96.5%)


  • News: A list of links to prominent online Thai news outlets
  • Television: A list of links to Thai online television channels


  • Foreclosures: A list of links to all foreclosed properties offered for sale online by Thai banks
  • AMCs: A list of links to local and international Thai asset management companies
  • Listings: A list of links to Thai websites that have classified style property listings


  • TunnelBear home page


  • A link to the WindyTV live interactive weather map (very cool 🙂 )

Useful Tools

  • Open / Close: A list of the open and close times for all international equity markets
  • Thai Keyboard: An online keyboard for typing Thai language
  • Translate: Google Translate home page

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