How to Find Thai Property Foreclosures

A useful strategy when seeking to invest in real estate in Thailand is to review listings of foreclosed properties.

The following is an extensive list of links to foreclosed properties offered for sale online by Thai banks. Click on a link to search the database of foreclosed properties offered for sale by that bank:

Foreclosed property is also periodically offered for sale by the Legal Execution Department:


  • Make sure you see the house for yourself. Listing information can be inaccurate.
  • Always obtain a structural inspection prior to contracting to purchase.
  • Foreclosed properties can be in a very poor state due to neglect, intrusion and theft of fittings, and exposure to a hot and wet climate.
  • You may find squatters living in a foreclosed property. Always obtain written confirmation from the bank regarding the status of any squatters prior to contracting to purchase. Look closely for any disclaimer by the bank that the responsibility to evict the squatters lies with the new owner.
  • Some banks offer an English language version of their foreclosures list. Some do not. If you want to learn how to quickly and easily translate a Thai website into your own language, please have a read of: How to Translate a Thai Website.
  • You can ask questions about Thai foreclosures in our forums.

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