How to Translate a Thai Website

Some of the websites and pages we link to here at Thai Shares are only available in Thai language. Fortunately, there are two quick and easy ways that you can address that problem. The first is by adding a translation extension to your browser. The second is using Google Translate. Follow our simple step by step guide to adopt either of these solutions.

Add a Web Browser Extension

You can simply add an extension (sometimes called an add-on) to your browser to auto translate a Thai website into your language. Below is a list of translation extensions that you can add to your browser:

Use Google Translate

  • Go to Google Translate
  • Copy the URL of the Thai website and paste it into the left-hand box on the Google Translate screen:

Thai Shares Google Translate Step1

  • Click on the translate button:

Thai Shares Google Translate Step2

  • The translated website will open in your browser. Note the you can click on these buttons to toggle between the original and translated versions:

Thai Shares Google Translate Step3

Please also remember that if you want to ask for help with a translation, or accessing a Thai website, you can start a new topic in our forums.

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