Our Site Rules

1. Introduction

Our registered members can log in to comment upon articles, create and reply to forum topics, and join the discussion in our chat room. The following rules are provided to guide the participation of members within the Thai Shares Community. They apply to this website and to our social media accounts.

2. Etiquette

Please observe the following principles of etiquette:

  • Take care to read all of our site rules before you post for the first time.
  • Be polite, civil, and helpful with your fellow members.
  • Take care to welcome and assist new members.
  • Remember that the Thai Shares Community is multi-cultural and has members from all around the world.
  • Assist and be tolerant of those with poor English skills.
  • We do not welcome racists, spammers, flamers, and trolls. Ignore their posts, they will be deleted shortly.
  • Before creating a new topic, search our articles and forums to see if the subject is already covered elsewhere.
  • If you create a new topic, please take care that you are posting it in the appropriate forum.
  • Use a short and meaningful title when you create a new topic.
  • Be concise when posting, use paragraphs and punctuation, and avoid ranting.
  • Post when you have something positive to add to a discussion. Avoid making empty LOL, or emoticon only, type posts.
  • Stay on topic and do not attempt to hijack a thread created by another member.
  • Check your spelling and grammar and avoid using slang unless you know the term will be understood by other members.
  • If you quote another member’s post, please do not modify it.
  • Always proof your post before you submit it.
  • Do not double post (same message twice in one topic), or cross post (same topic across multiple forums).

3. Membership

3.1. Registration

By registering as a member you agree to abide by these rules and to be bound by our terms and conditions. You must use a valid email address to register. Yopmail or other such disposable email addresses are not acceptable. Multiple member accounts created by the same individual are not permitted.

3.2. Profile, Email and Avatar

Upon registration and log in you will be provided with access to your own profile page. Please ensure that the email address in your profile is kept up to date as we will use it to send you any important notices. Your profile page also includes a section for you to upload your own personal avatar. You can read about how to upload your avatar here.

Please note that you must not use any of the following as your username or avatar:

  • a company, business, or commercial name
  • trademarks or other proprietary images
  • QR codes, domain names, or email addresses
  • anything that we deem inappropriate or offensive.

4. Language and Format

4.1. Posted content must be in English

English is our required language for all article comments, live chat, and forum posts. Please use your best endeavors to write in a manner than can be understood by other members. We acknowledge that the Thai Shares Community is multi-cultural and consists of members from all around the world; so allowances are made for those who have English as their second language.

4.2. Be polite and civil

Do not use profane and vulgar language when posting. Do not insult other members. Do not make troll posts with the intent to anger or upset other members, or to disrupt or derail the ongoing discussion within a topic. Do not make derogatory or insulting remarks regarding race, nationality, religion, gender, sexual preferences, or age. Do not start or engage in discussion that is demeaning to others or sexually explicit. Do not use oversize fonts or all caps SHOUT messages in your posts.

4.3. Avoid using SMS style shorthand in comments and forums

Please refrain from using SMS style shorthand language when commenting upon an article or replying to a forum topic. Shorthand posts are permitted in our chat room provided that the language used is understood by other members in the discussion.

4.4. Emoticons

The comments section that follows our articles is configured to recognize and render standard key stroke emoticons. Our forums and live chat both have a selection emoticons.

5. Prohibited Content

5.1. Lèse-Majesté

Thailand has very strict lèse-majesté laws. Members of the Thai Shares Community are expected to abide by those laws:

  • Do not post anything on this website that is disrespectful to the King of Thailand or to any other member of the Thai Royal Family that is living or deceased.
  • Do not start or engage in political discussion that refers to HM The King or to any other member of the Thai Royal Family.
  • Do not start or engage in discussion that is critical of the Thai Monarchy or that speculates about the personal lives of any of its members.

5.2. Defamation and Libel

Do not post anything on this website that may be considered defamatory. Defamation is a statement that damages the reputation of another person or commercial entity. Libel occurs when a defamatory statement is published as text, or propagated by any other means including drawings, paintings, digital images, film, social media, and radio or television broadcasts. Please remain mindful that the defamation laws of Thailand differ significantly from those in many other countries; proceedings may be brought in both criminal and civil jurisdictions and a statement does not have to be false to be deemed defamatory.

5.3. Illegal Activities

Do not start or engage in discussion about how to conduct activities that are illegal in Thailand including, but not limited to: prostitution, betting and gambling, pornography, trade of fake goods, trade of illicit drugs, pyramid schemes, and file sharing of pirated material. Members are permitted to discuss news articles that report upon illegal activities.

5.4. Inappropriate Images or Video of Children

Thai Shares does not condone the exploitation of children. Do not post inappropriate images or video of children. Do not link to a website or any other external source that discusses the exploitation of children, or that provides access to inappropriate images or video of children.

5.5. Demeaning Images or Video

Do not post images or video that is demeaning or sexually explicit.

5.6. Politics and Religion

Do not post anything on this website that seeks to promote a religious or political agenda.

5.7. Personal Information

Do not post your personal information, or that of other members. Personal information includes: phone numbers, email or residential addresses.

5.8. Copyrighted Material

Do not post copyrighted material unless it is available to you to use pursuant to the creative commons licensing, or pursuant to fair use laws (quoting a news article is a relevant example). When quoting a news source please include the link and just a brief extract of a few lines. Do not post news articles in full.

5.9. Spam

Do not spam. Spamming is when a member posts information to promote a business, product, or service in which he or she has an interest. Should you wish to advertise with Thai Shares please read the information provided here.

5.10. Requests for Money

Do not request money, donations, or gifts from other members. Registered charities may send us a message using the form on our contact page.

5.11. Criticism of Moderators

Do not post comments about Thai Shares Administration, our Moderators, or the moderation of our forums. If you wish to discuss the moderation of any of your posted content please send us a private message using the form on our contact page. You must not block communication from Thai Shares Administration; doing so may result in the cancellation of your membership.

5.12. Linking to External Websites and other Content Sources

Do not post a link to:

  • any external website or other source that contains material in breach of these rules and the prohibited content indentified herein
  • any other forum website
  • the website of a commercial entity that is in direct competition with any of our advertisers.

Do not post links:

  • that have a misleading name
  • that redirect to a website other than that indicated in the posted URL.

6. Cancellation of Membership

We reserve the right to cancel your membership and revoke log in access to our website in the event that you fail to observe these rules. We also reserve the right to delete any or all content posted by a member. The decision to cancel a membership, revoke log in access, or to delete content, remains entirely at our discretion.

7. Reporting Inappropriate Content

If you wish to report content on this website that is in breach of these rules, please send us a message using the form on our contact page.

8. Questions

If you have any questions regarding these rules, please forward your message to us using the form on our contact page.

9. Changes

We reserve the right to amend these rules at any time. Please check this page regularly to ensure you are familiar with any recent amendments.

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