1. Introduction

This policy documents our commitment to the protection of your privacy and details how we gather, use, and manage the information that you provide to us. The purpose of this policy is to assist you in making informed decisions when using our website. Please also note that this policy should be read as comprising part of our terms and conditions.

2. What information do we collect?

In simple terms, we gather two different types of information from the people who visit our website. The first type is referred to as user data and the second type is referred to personal information. Each of these types of information is discussed in more detail below.

2.1. User data

This type of information is that which web browsers and servers typically make available. User data is gathered by us from web server logs and by using Cookies.

A web server log is a basic text file that records the activity on the server where our website is hosted. The information recorded in a typical log might include the details of your internet protocol (IP) address, the pages your browser requested to view, and the time and date of those requests. An IP address is a number used by your computer whenever it connects to the internet. Other computers on the network can use the IP address to identify your computer.

A cookie on the other hand, is the name given a tiny text message that is sent to your browser from our website. The main purpose of a cookie is to identify if you have already visited our website so that we may offer you customized content based on your prior behaviour and preferences.

Cookies can not access the hard drive on your computer and browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer are usually set to accept them. You can elect to configure your browser to not accept cookies; the downside however, is that the quality of your visitor experience may be diminished because certain features on our website will no longer work for you.

The user data gathered by us is aggregated together so we can produce statistical reports that may be analysed to identify patterns in our visitor traffic. We may then use the results of this analysis to assist us to fine tune our marketing and promotional efforts and to continuously improve the content and functionality of our website so that it better meets the needs of our visitors. We may, on occasion, generate statistical reports from our aggregated user data to display publicly, or to pass on to an authorised third party for further analysis. Those reports would not include any personal information as described in the paragraphs below.

2.2 Personal Information

The second type of information we gather from people who visit our website is personal information. Personal information can be differentiated from user data by the fact that it may be used to identify, locate and contact an individual. You voluntarily provide us with personal information when you contact us with an email, log in to a members only area of our website, subscribe to a newsletter, participate in a survey, quiz or contest, or when you place an order to buy something from us using your credit or debit card. Relevant examples of personal information are your name, mailing address, email address, phone number and credit or debit card details. If you own or run a business, or work for a company, you may also provide us with your position, business or company details, work email address and work phone number.

It would seem useful here to note that you can always elect to not to provide us with any of your personal information; that may however, preclude you from completing certain activities on our website. If you have already subscribed to receive newsletters, or any other promotional material from us, please note that you can also, at any time in the future, elect to unsubscribe so that those items are no longer sent to you.

3. How do we use your Personal Information?

The personal information you provide may be used by us to promote and market the content in our website and the Thai Shares brand, communicate with you and respond to your enquiries, take your order, process your payment, provide you with your order, obtain your feedback, monitor your customer satisfaction, and to meet any regulatory responsibilities relevant to the activities of our website.

We store and safeguard the information we have gathered in a reasonable manner and we will never knowingly give, or otherwise transfer your personal information to another person, or third party, except that which is required to process your payment and deliver your order, or if we are compelled to do so by a lawful request.

If we decide to sell our website, or a substantive share of its assets, your personal information may be passed on to the buyer as a condition of the sale. Please note that any such incoming buyer should then continue to use your personal information in accordance with the provisions outlined in this policy.

4. We have no intention to collect the personal information of children

This website is not targeted at children and we have no intention to collect the personal information of minors. If you are under the age of 18 you are strictly prohibited from using our website and any registration or subscription made by you will be immediately terminated upon discovery. In compliance with any relevant eraser laws, if you are a minor and wish to have removed anything that you have already posted on this website, please inform us to that effect using the form on our contact page.

5. Privacy on other websites

We often link to content on other websites if we think it may be useful to our visitors. Please note however, that we are not responsible for, and have no control over, the practices used on those other sites. When you follow a link with your browser to another website, the provisions of this privacy policy are no longer applicable. It is therefore prudent when you visit a new site to review its own privacy policy so that you better understand how they may collect and use your personal information.

6. Policy amendments

This policy may be amended periodically to ensure that it is up to date and compliant with any relevant regulatory responsibilities. Please note however, that we will not make any amendments that are inconsistent with our commitment to protect your privacy and the security of your personal information. Please check this page regularly to ensure you are familiar with any recent amendments.

7. Privacy officer contact

If you have any questions regarding this Policy, please forward your enquiry to us using the form on our contact page.

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